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About Us

We are based just outside the historic market town of Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk.

Having first come into contact with the breed in the late 1990's it wasn't until 2009 that our first Vizsla, Storm, came home to join our family of humans, cats, mice, fish and elderly Labrador Chloe.

With encouragement from other dog owners we then launched ourselves and Storm into the world of dog showing. Storm took to it like a duck to water, gaining two first places at her very first show aged only 6 months, including Best Gundog Puppy. After this she went from strength to strength, qualifying for Crufts 2010 where she gained a very respectable 4th place in the Junior Vizsla Bitch class. She followed this up by qualifying for Crufts 2011 and a week before this was Best of Breed at Romford and District Canine Society show. This year we have begun gundog training with Storm and are hoping she may be out into the field in 2012.

Although we enjoy showing, Storm is primarily our family pet and loves nothing more than a good run around the forest with all her dog friends or curling up on the sofa with her family. She is a very calm young lady and always good with the other animals in our house. During a phantom pregnancy she even adopted our eight week old kitten and was happy to bring him up as her own.

The Hungarian Vizsla is a very sociable dog and since our older dog, Chloe (see OUR DOGS page) passed away at the end of 2010, at the ripe old age of 14, we have decided it is time for Storm to have a new companion. Hopefully she will have a litter of her own puppies in 2011 one of which we hope will stay with us and possibly follow Storm into the show ring. For puppy news please see our PUPPIES page.